Grown-Up Online Investment Management

The Concept

Greenfinch investors have the opportunity to partner with us to jointly help those who need it the most via our genuinely unique award nominated ‘You Give We Give’ scheme.

How It Works

  • 1


    You decide if you want to donate a percentage of your annual portfolio gain to your chosen charity when opening your account. If you make no gain you make no donation.

  • 2


    Greenfinch will donate the same percentage from our fee. If there is no gain and therefore no donation from you, we will still donate the percentage of our fee.

The Benefits


You choose which charity receives a donation.


A clear and convenient donation process.


The shared commitment with us leads to higher overall donations.

Tax Relief

You may be able to claim tax relief on your charitable giving.


You can readily change your charity of choice, the percentage you give or opt out completely at any time simply by advising us.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid registered charities can benefit from an increased tax efficient donation so long as you are happy for us to provide the charity with your details.


We will provide you with a letter each year to outline clearly; the calculation, the payment and confirmation of the donation and with your prior approval, your chosen charity will receive confirmation of; your name, address and appropriate details in relation to potential HMRC Gift Aid reclaim, so the charity can increase your donation by 25%.


Let us show you

Mrs. Johnson chooses to give 10% of her gain to a local charity:

Portfolio value 1st January £ 100,000
Net Portfolio Value 31st December   £ 105,000
Annual Gain (Net) £ 5,000 (5.0%)*

“You Give, We Give” 10% of gain:

Charitable donation £ 500**
Retained Portfolio Value £ 104,500

Greenfinch will send an additional 10% of our total fees to Mrs. Johnson’s chosen charity.

*Illustration only – past performance is not a guide to future returns. **Higher rate taxpayers may be eligible to reclaim tax against this.