Effective Risk Management Is Crucial

The best way to build wealth is not to lose it in the first place. Producing reliable annual performance and then compounding through reinvestment provides stronger and more consistent growth for your nest egg. For example, if you make 5% per year and re-invest, then after 9 years your portfolio is over 50% larger and in 15 years it has doubled.

Managing Risk Levels In The Portfolios

Portfolios are meticulously built and managed to ensure they remain aligned with TAM’s views on possible market changes and the economic outlook. Each individual fund is selected by TAM in context of the choice of portfolio you make during the initial account opening process.

Diversifying To Protect Your Nest Egg

The funds in each portfolio are diversified by geography, sector, asset class, fund manager, currency and investment strategy. Each fund in a portfolio will invest in numerous assets such as individual company stocks or bonds. The aim is always to blend together investments that do not all do the same thing at the same time especially during periods of market stress. Want to know more? Just click here.

Putting Investment Talent To Work

Greenfinch’s chosen investment manager TAM has 100% independence to select funds from any provider that meet their research and due-diligence criteria. TAM’s award-winning experience enables you to access a blend of some of the best investment talent from a cost of only a few pounds a month.

Access To Your Money If Your Circumstances Change

An investment portfolio should be looked at as a three to five year process as a minimum. However we understand that life happens and if you need to access your funds we charge no exit fees or lock-in periods.

In the main, the portfolios invest in liquid markets where the fund’s assets can be bought and sold easily even during periods of market turmoil.  However, the investment managers will access funds that invest in less liquid assets such as property when they deem it appropriate.