Six straightforward steps for you to decide if an investment portfolio is right for you

Click on the numbers below for more info on each step

  • 1
    Click through to the Greenfinch tool 
  • 2
    Decide whether an investment portfolio is a good fit for you 
  • 3
    Complete the short application process 
  • 4
    Support a charity close to your heart if you so choose 
  • 5
    Fund your new account 
  • 6
    Review and monitor your investments 24/7 

The first part of the tool is educational. You will be prompted to consider your personal circumstances, information about various asset classes, the types of portfolios available through TAM and the different types of accounts you can open. We’ll show you example portfolios managed by TAM Asset Management Ltd to help give you an idea of what you could expect from a typical investment portfolio.

And whether the Greenfinch service and TAM Asset Management’s range of available portfolios offer you what you’re looking for.

Should you decide that one of the available investment portfolios fits your needs, the second part of the tool encompasses the application process for you to apply for an investment account and portfolio provided by TAM Asset Management.

You can join in the You Give We Give charitable giving scheme, donating to your favorite cause, and we’ll give too.

Send us your monies via bank transfer. Once we’ve received your money, we’ll get it invested and let you know once we’ve done so.

Once your account is funded, you can log in from anywhere, at any time, on any device to view a full breakdown of the investment activity.