Market Insight 2018

Our investment manager’s latest views on world events and the markets plus a historical library of their observations.

Trade Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

When US President Donald Trump came to power last year, he brought with him an ambitious list of goals, including; building a wall between the US and Mexico, preventing some...

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Germany 1 - 0 Italy

Much has been made in sporting history about German-Italian football rivalry. The two most successful football nations in Europe have made a collective fourteen appearances in FIFA Wold Cup finals,...

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Is there life in the old frog yet?

Well, we know predicting recessions is not an easy game. Indeed, one of the IMF’s chief macroeconomists, Prakash Loungani, recently observed that, over history, economists had consistently failed to predict...

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A Return to Normality - Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

For the past nine years we have been in the grips of a steady, if not rampant, Bull market in financial products. The financial disaster of 2008 seems long gone...and...

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Figures never lie, do they?

With this bull market now approaching its 10th year of straight gains, one cannot deny it’s been a great ride for investors and fund managers. Investment return over the timescale...

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US equity market - So is this what they call an “up crash”?

With the global bull market in equities entering its 10th year, we have, since the financial meltdown of 2008, lived through an era of long term positive investment return. No...

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